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Class A CDL Driving Test

Class A: This License is for those intending to pull trailers: The trailer must have a GVWR of 10,001 lbs. or more, AND The truck & trailer (combination) must be 26,001 lbs. or more.

The driving test consists of three parts:
1. Vehicle Pre-trip Inspection
2. Maneuverability "Skills" Test
3. On-the-Road Driving

All three parts must be passed for an applicant to earn his CDL License.

Vehicle Pre-trip Inspection
Applicant must demonstrate how to perform a thorough vehicle inspection by pointing to or touching the items he/she is inspecting and explaining to the examiner what they are inspecting that particular item for. This part of the test is to be completed within 30 minutes and includes both the outside walk-around and inside the cab inspection areas.

Maneuverability "Skills"
The applicant must maneuver his/her vehicle through three different coned maneuvers in as few as mistakes possible. Points are scored by crossing-over boundary lines, and doing pull-ups. The applicant tries to maneuver through the exercises without acquiring points. The more points the worse your score, the fewer the better.

There are four maneuvers the applicant may be asked to complete. They are: Straight Line Backing, Reverse Lane Change, Parallel Parking, and/or 90 degree Alley Dock. The applicant gets 40 minutes to complete the three required exercises.

Road Test
The applicant will drive on actual public streets, roads, and freeways while demonstrating their ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. Again the fewer the points the better the applicants score and the higher the points the worse the applicants score.

Applicants should refer to the Ohio CDL Drivers Manual for more detail and direction to the parts of the test.

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Class A Full Exam
Class B Full Exam
Class C Full Exam
Retest - Full Test
Retest - Skills & Road
Retest - Road
Rental Fees:  
Class A (Manual and Automatic) Rental
Class B (Manual and Automatic) Rental
Retest Rental PTI Only
Must have appointment to take CDL Driving Exam. All fees to be Pre-Paid (at time of scheduling). Must pay by cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Taxes payable on rental fees only.

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